Make your musical journey more rewarding...

Over the last year the Royal Philharmonic Society has been working to launch a new project: LoveMusicPass is a nationwide membership scheme which aims to make your musical journey easy, affordable, stimulating and deeply rewarding.

LoveMusicPass starts from the premise that live music, whether it be Classical, Jazz, Opera, World or Folk, should be something everybody can experience. It will help you to discover the most exciting live performances and invite you to become part of an active concert-going community.

If you live near London or Leeds we'd love you help us shape the future of the project by joining the six month pilot, which takes place from September 2016 to March 2017.

Your LMP pilot membership will provide you with many opportunities to get involved such as exclusive access, discounts and interesting content. It will also help, in due course, to build the audiences of the future as proceeds will be invested in co-funded music-related outreach and education projects.

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