Can you see/hear parallels between the music and the writing?

As part of Notes in Letters, postgraduate creative writing students from Goldsmiths and Holloway Universities worked with the RPS to explore using music as a source of inspiration for their writing. Each student was given an extract from a mystery piece of music lasting ten minutes and was asked to listen to it once a week for a month. From this listening experience they were then asked to write a short piece of creative writing - prose or a poem - encapsulating the thoughts that came from the task.

Below, you can find pieces written by students in 2011, alongside extracts of the music which they were given.

Neil Bradley - Hear Here!

Read ‘Hear Here!’ by Neil Bradley



Becca Ellson - Music As A Stranger As An Old Friend

Read ‘Music As A Stranger As An Old’ by Becca Ellson



Ali Hale - The Patrol

Read ‘The Patrol’ by Ali Hale



Kate Miller - Reach

Read ‘Reach’ by Kate Miller



Ed Morgan - Various Artists

Read ‘Various Artists’ by Ed Morgan



Jocelyn Page - Carolyn

Read ‘Carolyn’ by Jocelyn Page



Jonathan Socrates - Clarion

Read ‘Clarion’ by Jonathan Socrates