National Listening Day

The Royal Philharmonic Society and Classic FM joined forces to present National Listening Day.

National Listening Day celebrated listening through a series of on-air and on-line challenges, thoughts and listening tips presented by the Royal Philharmonic Society and Classic FM.

Over a period of 24 hours, a key work was played each hour on-air, together with facts and listening guides. The opportunity to explore the works deeper was available on-line at Classic FM along with a range of articles exploring the vast world of listening.

National Listening Day was launched in 2009 by the Royal Philharmonic Society and Classic FM as part of their two-year listening project: Hear Here! Through the scheme over 78,000 participants attended over 200 live events that delved into the science, psychology, history and education of our listening habits. The full archive of the project offers a range of material about listening, ranging from the science of the ear and sound, to the influence of vision and memory on our listening.

Listen to the podcast marking the launch of National Listening Day in 2009:


  National Listening Day - Launch Podcast by RoyalPhilharmonicSociety