Lennox Mackenzie

2017 Salamon Prize winner

Lennox Mackenzie, sub-leader and former Chairman of the London Symphony Orchestra, awarded prestigious RPS/ABO Salomon Prize for orchestral musicians.

London Symhpony Orchestra violinist Lennox Mackenzie has been awarded the RPS/ABO Salomon Prize for orchestral musicians for his "innate ability, love of music, generority of spirit" and his "wisdom, strength of character, good judgement and diplomacy that has served the LSO well over so many years."

Mackenzie has been a member of the LSO since 1980, and within rhis 36-year perid served as a Board Member, and as Chairman twice, from 1988-92 and then from 2004 until he handed over the reins in February 2016. He is the longest serving Chairman in the LSO's 112-year history. 

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