Inclusion or be Damned

2003 Royal Philharmonic Society Lecture - Graham Vick

Given on Saturday 18 October 2003 at LSO St Luke’s, London

Inclusion or be Damned

“The future health and development of opera depends on its embracing the whole of contemporary society. And that means being a part of it and being prepared to change as rapidly and radically as society itself. The nature of what has, since the mid 19th century, become a lumbering and increasingly unmanageable art form means it has lost the agility and flexibility to respond to the times…”

Graham Vick

is one of the foremost opera directors of our day. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Birmingham Opera Company where he has received many plaudits for his bold and innovative approach. His production of Votzek for BOC won the RPS Music Award for Audience Development in 2001.

The RPS Lecture

offers a platform for eminent thinkers and cultural commentators to examine aspects of the future of music. Recent speakers have included the neuroscientist Susan Greenfield and composer Steve Reich.

The RPS Lecture is generously supported by Peter Bull



Sally Groves, former Creative Director, Schott London: Schott first published Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. The RPS’s strong support for composers is definitely creating a future for music!


The Schaller Bust of Beethoven, donated in 1871, has stood on the platform of every RPS concert since then as a symbol of excellence and support for the living composer.