Oliver Knussen

2002 Recipient: Oliver Knussen

Oliver Knussen has been made an Honorary Member of the Royal Philharmonic Society - an honour which was presented to him by Rosemary Johnson, General Administrator of the RPS on the platform during the London Sinfonietta Prom on 26 July 2002. Elliott Carter, in a congratulatory message to Oliver Knussen on his award, said:

“Olly, how to express our admiration and amazement not using the routine encomia which you so amply deserve? Your extraordinary ability to concentrate on details in musical scores and performances andto understand so deeply how they contribute to the large emotional and artistic totality is unparalleled.

This ability betrays a generosity of spirit and a love rarely found today, if ever. Then, too, the range of your musical vision is vast. Tonight the beautiful examples of your light hearted, engaging side, and at other concerts the deeply stirring side in works of your own and of others - all so convincing - make your devotion to music one of the wonders of our time”.


Aaron P. Dworkin: RPS Honorary Member and Founder of the Sphinx Organization, which helps aspiring Black and Latino musicians in the USA.


Alina Ibragimova, who won the 2010 RPS Young Artist Award, first received help from the RPS to buy a new bow when she was only 14.