RPS Leslie Boosey Award Recipients

2017 Sally Cavender
2015 NMC Recordings
2012 Sally Groves
2010 Jackie and Stephen Newbould
2007 Gillian Moore
2005 Colin Matthews
2002 Bill Colleran
2000 Amelia Freedman
1998 John Paynter
1996 Paul Patterson
1994 Stephen Plaistow
1992 Richard Steinitz
1990 Pierre Audi (Michael Vyner: posthumous plaque)
1988 Carla Hinrichsen
1986 Robert Ponsonby
1984 Richard Itter
1982 John Woolf
1980 John Manduell

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Susan Bullock, Soprano: The work of the RPS is tireless and thanks to the Society, so many people have come to learn about, perform and understand music to the highest level.


Their Mozart and Beethoven Sinfonias blazed like a comet in our musical atmosphere - Spectator review - Philharmonic Society Concert 1837