RPS Membership – a new vision for classical music

At the 2019 RPS Awards, our Chief Executive James Murphy talked about the Society's role in helping to ensure the future prosperity of classical music, and how new Membership can set us on the path to achieving this vision.

Launched in 2019, new RPS Membership aims to rouse greater curiosity and pride in classical music nationwide. Membership now brings a range of benefits not previously offered, including the chance to book first for, and also watch online, a new series of talks and events featuring personalities devoted to classical music, sharing in their own words why classical music matters. In this, the RPS intends in the coming years to reflect all aspects of musical life, giving a platform to unsung heroes nationwide as well as celebrated artists – all playing their part in making Britain ‘philharmonic’. We'll also be drawing on Members' views, giving them the chance to share with each other what classical music means to them.

As we set out to tell music lovers and music makers nationally about RPS Membership, James - in his speech - appeals to colleagues working in the music profession to consider joining too, articulating how a renewed and prosperous RPS Membership could draw greater profile to all our work and be of benefit to us all.

If you'd like to find out more about RPS Membership, please click the button below. We'd be so delighted to welcome you aboard. Thank you.