Inspiration Award

Nominations for the Inspiration Award have now closed. We are delighted to have received over 2,500 nominations, and a big thank you to everybody who took the time to nominate and tell us what music has inspired you during lockdown. Winners of the Inspiration Award will be announced as part of the RPS Awards Presentation online in November. Information about the award remains below for interest.

Our concert halls may be temporarily closed and regular performances prohibited, but that’s not stopped musicians doing what they do. All the world’s a stage, said Shakespeare, and – even in confinement – musicians everywhere are proving precisely that, finding new ways to share their artistry with us online and even on our doorsteps.

To salute their remarkable efforts, this year’s RPS Awards will include several new Inspiration Awards for UK-based artists, ensembles, organisations and entities that have particularly set out to inspire us all during lockdown.

For this new Award, we are – for the first time – welcoming nominations from the public, and warmly invite you to tell us what has particularly moved you musically in the last few months.

Take a moment to think of what has inspired you since lockdown began. It might have been an individual or group – instrumental or vocal, professional or amateur, established or newly-formed – who found a way to perform something truly special online, or to share their music in a new setting, benefitting others. It might be a musician or ensemble who have devised new ways to share their creativity or open up aspects of their craft digitally that we haven’t witnessed in quite the same way before. It might be someone or something that has roused others to be more musical themselves in confinement, perhaps getting the community singing or playing. It might just be someone who’s done a truly exceptional good deed to benefit musicians or music lovers during the pandemic.

Each member of the public can make one nomination. Once you’ve decided what to nominate, simply click the button below to complete our online nomination form. Please note: you do not need to gather multiple nominations for any particular entity. Judging is not based on number of nominations received, and we will be pleased consider things that received only one nomination as much as those that receive more.

Nominations for the Inspiration Award were open throughout the Summer. This Autumn, the Board and Council of the Royal Philharmonic Society convenes to consider nominations received in this category. There will be no shortlisted nominations for the Inspiration Award, and winners will be revealed in the RPS Awards Presentation on this website at 7.00pm on Wednesday 18 November.

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