Inspiration Awards - Nomination Form

For UK-based artists, ensembles, organisations and entities that have particularly set out to inspire the nation during lockdown.

Please click here for more background on these new Awards and what is eligible for them.

Ideally you should write your answers directly into the form below rather than copy and paste them from another document or program. If you have to do the latter, please do not use any accents or special characters, as these generally become corrupted and illegible once your form is submitted. We will ensure any accents or special characters are restored in what is submitted to panels. If you have any questions, or encounter any problems with submitting your nomination, please get in touch.
If what you are nominating can be found online, ideally the entity itself or otherwise some reference to it, then please provide a link to it here.
Below, in no more than three sentences, please give us clear details of what you are nominating and why it has particularly inspired you during lockdown.
Please click the button below to submit your nomination.