2016: Singer

Announced 9 May 2017

Karita Mattila

"It's a cliché of judges deliberating awards to announce that a field crowded with excellence made their decision hard to make. However, they finally decided to honour a singer, who in two unforgettable concert performances held huge audiences at both the Royal Festival Hall and the Proms spellbound through the nakedly communicative power of her vocal and dramatic artistry.

For her unforgettable incarnations of both the Kostelnicka in Jenufa and Emilia Marty in The Makropoulos Case, the award goes to the astounding Finnish soprano Karita Mattila."

Other Shortlisted Nominations in the Category

Singer Jury

Roger Wright (Chair)
Sarah Playfair
Christine Chibnall
Iain Burnside
Rupert Christiansen

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