Chornobyldorf - Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Opera and Music Theatre

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For an outstanding production or initiative, presented to a live or digital audience, or for the overall accomplishments of a company or individual in opera and music theatre in the UK.

Chornobyldorf – Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

'Chornobyldorf is a breathtaking portrait of humanity’s need for spiritual and cultural sustenance in the wake of shattering global events. It was co-composed and directed by Ukraine’s Illia Razumeiko and Roman Grygoriv before the Russian invasion. Bravo to Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival for bringing the whole Ukrainian cast and company of Opera Aperta to the UK during the conflict, to share their extraordinary creation.'

Also shortlisted:

    The 2024 shortlist for Opera and Music Theatre was decided by an independent panel drawn from across the music profession comprising:

    Fleur Barron, Mezzo soprano
    John Allison, Editor, Opera magazine
    Laura Bowler, Composer
    Neil Fisher, Deputy Arts Editor, The Times
    Rachael Hewer, Stage director