2011: Chamber-Scale Composition

Announced 8 May 2012
In memory of Tony Fell 1931-2011


Sally Beamish: Reed Stanzas (String Quartet No.3)

This hauntingly beautiful and expertly crafted winning work arose from particularly close collaboration with its first performers and demonstrates an intimate and genuine relationship with its many sources of inspiration, which include birdsong, Arabic reed flute techniques and, more specifically, Celtic folk music and the reed bed landscapes at Snape in Suffolk. The Award goes to Sally Beamish for her Reed Stanzas (String Quartet No.3).

Other Shortlisted Nominations in the Category

Thomas Adès: The Four Quarters
Martin Butler: Rondes d'Automne
Gary Carpenter: Piano Trio

Chamber-Scale Composition Jury

Stephen Newbould (Chair)
Oliver Coates
Alasdair Nicolson
Stephen Pettitt
Anne Rushton