2013: Chamber-Scale Composition

Announced 13 May 2014
Sponsored by Boosey & Hawkes in memory of Tony Fell

Harrison Birtwistle: The Moth Requiem

The jury was captivated from the outset by this very personal work: a melancholy litany of extinct moth names shot through with searing bursts of sharp light around which flutter voices, harps and alto flute.  Exciting to experience, with textures that enticed and ravished the ear, this work sustained the listener from first note to last.  It is a wholly individual work, completely redolent of the composer's style: distinctive, deft, dark and delirious - this was The Moth Requiem by Sir Harrison Birtwistle.

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Chamber-Scale Composition Jury

Stephen Newbould (chair)
Susanna Eastburn
Anne Rushton
Andrew Kurowski
Liz Webb

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