2014: Chamber-Scale Composition

Announced 5 May 2015
Sponsored by Boosey and Hawkes in memory of Tony Fell

Graham Fitkin: Distil

"In a strong and diverse field, the judges were impressed by the mature and beautifully judged writing through which magical sound worlds are evoked with minimal resources. Twirling the listener across the dance floor, the music never puts a foot wrong; every step fizzes with electric charge, the effervescence gradually distilling into a gentle but remarkably resilient joy. The award goes to Graham Fitkin’s Distil."

Other Shortlisted Nominations in this Category

Julian Anderson: String Quartet No.2
Liza Lim: Winding Bodies, 3 Knots

Chamber-Scale Composition Jury

Anne Rushton (chair)
Alasdair Nicolson
Guy Damann
Kate Romano
Sally Groves