2013: Creative Communication

Announced 13 May 2014

Touch Press: classical music iPad apps

This year's shortlist was exceptional, and notably diverse, but a clear winner emerged nonetheless. Touch Press's three iPad apps - The Orchestra, Beethoven's 9th Symphony and The Liszt Sonata - represent a new pinnacle in the marriage of performance, interpretation and new technology. In shedding light on aspects of our art which so often remain obscure, they possess a rare power to take every listener - regardless of age and expertise - straight to the music's beating heart.

Other Shortlisted Nominations in this Category

Chopin Saved My Life (Oxford Film and Television for Channel 4)
John Eliot Gardiner: Music in the Castle of Heaven: A Portrait of Johann Sebastian Bach (Allen Lane)
Tom Service: A Guide to Contemporary Classical Music (The Guardian)

Creative Communication Jury

Gillian Moore (chair)
Guy Damann
Marina Frolova-Walker
Simon Millward
James Murphy

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