Members of the Royal Philharmonic Society, and those who work in the classical music profession, are warmly welcome to nominate.

Countless musical endeavours have inspired us in the last year, but we vitally rely on a range of voices across the country to help ensure each category represents the quality and scope of great music-making in the UK.

Before nominating, please read the rules for eligibility and the criteria for each award on the Categories page of this site.

Individuals can nominate for just one award, for several, or for all, but may only make one nomination per category.

While you are welcome to nominate your own work or something in which you have been involved, we strictly discourage organisations using this as a means of putting forward excessive entries for themselves, which could draw focus from the outstanding quality of one or two.

Nominations for the Royal Philharmonic Society Awards 2019 have now closed. Thank you to those who have nominated, and please stay tuned for further news.

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