2018: Chamber-Scale Composition

Sponsored by Boosey and Hawkes in memory of Tony Fell
Announced 9 May 2018

James Dillon: Tanz/haus Triptych 2017

"Once again this composer breaks new ground with a work which immerses its audience in a music theatre of the mind. It is compelling for the sureness of its unfolding in time and space, the striking soundworlds conjured from its nine-piece ensemble, and its rich underlying vein of melancholy. The winner of the RPS chamber-scale composition award is Tanz/haus Triptych 2017 by James Dillon."

Other Shortlisted Nominations in this Category

Chamber-Scale Composition Jury

Stephen Newbould (chair)
Sally Groves
John Harris
Kate Romano
Anne Rushton

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