Susan Bradshaw Composers' Fund

We are pleased to be the home for a fund dedicated to the widely-respected pianist, teacher and writer on music who died in 2005.

The Susan Bradshaw Composers' Fund was established with donations from friends and family, led her close friend, the composer Brian Elias. The purpose of the fund is to support composers and also young musicians wishing perform works by living composers.

At present the fund plays a vital role in facilitating the opportunities we grant to composers at the outset of their careers, annually through the RPS Composers programme. Among those the fund has supported are composers Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Charlotte Bray, Nicholas Morrish, Darren Bloom, Edmund Hunt, Bethan Morgan-Williams, Daniel Fardon, Lillie Harris, Claire Roberts, Joel Jarventausta, Alex Paxton, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Jonathan Woolgar, Alex Ho and Sarah Leanne Lewis.


The RPS has a long tradition of supporting composers, dating back to Beethoven. We are only able to keep helping composers thanks to a generous family of individual donors, trusts and corporate sponsors, and initiatives such as the Susan Bradshaw Composers’ Fund. If you would like to help us to bring more new music to life, please do contact us on

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