Commissions Since 1813

List of works known to be commissioned by, or dedicated to, the Royal Philharmonic Society

1813 - 18491850 - 1899 / 1900 - 1999 / 2000 - 2004 / 2005 - 2009 / 2010 - 2014 / 2015 to date

*Dai Fujikura: Another Place for the Cheltenham Festival (Maggini Quartet)
Lyell Cresswell: Ara Kopikopiko (BBC Symphony Orchestra, David Porcelijn - conductor)

~Hugh Wood: Wild Cyclamen, Op 49 (Andrew Kennedy - tenor, Simon Lepper - piano)
*Emily Hall: My Dirty Little Heart (Philharmonia’s Music of Today series)
*Christopher Mayo: Passed the Last River (clarinet quintet for Michael Collins and the Dante Quartet)
~Anders Nordentoft: Parasto (Trio Ondine)
~Mark-Anthony Turnage: Two Baudelaire Songs (Ailish Tynan soprano)
~Django Bates: Alison in Space (Alison Balsom -trumpet, Colin Currie - percussion)
~Ian Wilson: Red Over Black (Martin Frost clarinet, Pierre Lénert viola, Cedric Tiberghien piano)
~Huw Watkins: Partita (Alina Ibragimova violin)

~Eleanor Alberga: Succubus Moon (Alexei Ogrintchouk - oboe, Psophos Quartet)
~Dominick Argento: Three Sonnets of Petrach (Ronan Collett - baritone, Tom Poster - piano)
~Deirdre Gribbin: Calum’s Light (Quaturo Ebène)
~Philippe Hersant: In Black (Cédric Tiberghien - piano)
*Mark Bowden: Cruithne (Philharmonia Music of Today series)
*Charlie Piper: Dances (Cheltenham Festival Wind Quintet)
~Stuart MacRae: Unity (Danjulo Ishizaka - cello, Martin Helmchen - piano)
~Joseph Phibbs: Flex (Alina Ibragimova - violin, Danjulo Ishizaka - cello, Sharon Bezaly - flute, Cédric Tiberghien - piano)
~Julian Philips: Four Characters (Lawrence Power - viola)

*^Cheryl Frances-Hoad: My Day in Hell (Dante Quartet)
~Alexander Goehr: Since Brass, nor Stone… (Pavel Haas Quartet, Colin Currie - percussion)
Dominic Muldowney: Tsunami (BBC Symphony Orchestra, Philip Quast - baritone)
~Gwilym Simcock: Contours (Aronowitz Ensemble, Gwilym Simcock - piano)
*Tristan Rhys Williams: Kapur (Members of the Philharmonia Orchestra, Neil Tarlton - double bass)
+Julian Anderson Comedy of Change (Rambert Dance)
+Terry Mann Common Dance (Rosemary Lee Projects)

~Dobrinka Tabakova: Suite in Jazz Style (Maxim Rysanov - viola, Katya Apekisheva - piano)
~Gwilym Simcock: Contours (Aronowitz Ensemble, Gwilym Simcock - piano)
~Alexander Goehr: Since Brass, nor Stone Pavel Haas Quartet Colin Currie – percussion
Claudia Molitor: Alert (electronics) Hear Here! Dance Commission / Richard Alston Dance Company
Ben Cox: In Memorium (Solaris Quartet)
*Evis Sammoutis: Night, again (Nathan Vale - tenor, members of the Philharmonia Orchestra)
*^Sasha Siem: From the White Dictionary (Catherine Hopper - Mezzo-soprano, Tanya Houghton - harp)
~Tom Arthurs: And Distant Shore (Giuliano Sommerhalder and Tom Arthurs - trumpets, Richard Fairhurst - piano)
+Terry Mann: Common Dance (score for dance, commissioned by RPS Drummond Fund, October 2009)
+Julian Anderson: Comedy of Change (score for dance, co-commissioned by the RPS Drummond Fund and Asko Ensemble, 8 September 2009)


* = winners of the RPS Composition Prize for young composers
^ = supported by the Susan Bradshaw Composers' Fund
+ = Drummond Fund commission for dance
~ = New Generation commission

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Bob Lockyer: Seeing and hearing new dance with a specially composed score is exciting. That's why I asked the RPS to look after the Drummond Fund.


An early Philharmonic superstar was the virtuoso double bassist Domenico Dragonetti. He brought his dog Carlo to performances, and commanded higher fees than almost any other player.