Commissions Since 1813

List of works known to be commissioned by, or dedicated to, the Royal Philharmonic Society

1813 - 18491850 - 1899 / 1900 - 1999 / 2000 - 2004 / 2005 - 2009 / 2010 - 2014 / 2015 to date

*Dai Fujikura: Another Place for the Cheltenham Festival (Maggini Quartet)
Lyell Cresswell: Ara Kopikopiko (BBC Symphony Orchestra, David Porcelijn - conductor)

~Hugh Wood: Wild Cyclamen, Op 49 (Andrew Kennedy - tenor, Simon Lepper - piano)
*Emily Hall: My Dirty Little Heart (Philharmonia’s Music of Today series)
*Christopher Mayo: Passed the Last River (clarinet quintet for Michael Collins and the Dante Quartet)
~Anders Nordentoft: Parasto (Trio Ondine)
~Mark-Anthony Turnage: Two Baudelaire Songs (Ailish Tynan soprano)
~Django Bates: Alison in Space (Alison Balsom -trumpet, Colin Currie - percussion)
~Ian Wilson: Red Over Black (Martin Frost clarinet, Pierre Lénert viola, Cedric Tiberghien piano)
~Huw Watkins: Partita (Alina Ibragimova violin)

~Eleanor Alberga: Succubus Moon (Alexei Ogrintchouk - oboe, Psophos Quartet)
~Dominick Argento: Three Sonnets of Petrach (Ronan Collett - baritone, Tom Poster - piano)
~Deirdre Gribbin: Calum’s Light (Quaturo Ebène)
~Philippe Hersant: In Black (Cédric Tiberghien - piano)
*Mark Bowden: Cruithne (Philharmonia Music of Today series)
*Charlie Piper: Dances (Cheltenham Festival Wind Quintet)
~Stuart MacRae: Unity (Danjulo Ishizaka - cello, Martin Helmchen - piano)
~Joseph Phibbs: Flex (Alina Ibragimova - violin, Danjulo Ishizaka - cello, Sharon Bezaly - flute, Cédric Tiberghien - piano)
~Julian Philips: Four Characters (Lawrence Power - viola)

*^Cheryl Frances-Hoad: My Day in Hell (Dante Quartet)
~Alexander Goehr: Since Brass, nor Stone… (Pavel Haas Quartet, Colin Currie - percussion)
Dominic Muldowney: Tsunami (BBC Symphony Orchestra, Philip Quast - baritone)
~Gwilym Simcock: Contours (Aronowitz Ensemble, Gwilym Simcock - piano)
*Tristan Rhys Williams: Kapur (Members of the Philharmonia Orchestra, Neil Tarlton - double bass)
+Julian Anderson Comedy of Change (Rambert Dance)
+Terry Mann Common Dance (Rosemary Lee Projects)

~Dobrinka Tabakova: Suite in Jazz Style (Maxim Rysanov - viola, Katya Apekisheva - piano)
~Gwilym Simcock: Contours (Aronowitz Ensemble, Gwilym Simcock - piano)
~Alexander Goehr: Since Brass, nor Stone Pavel Haas Quartet Colin Currie – percussion
Claudia Molitor: Alert (electronics) Hear Here! Dance Commission / Richard Alston Dance Company
Ben Cox: In Memorium (Solaris Quartet)
*Evis Sammoutis: Night, again (Nathan Vale - tenor, members of the Philharmonia Orchestra)
*^Sasha Siem: From the White Dictionary (Catherine Hopper - Mezzo-soprano, Tanya Houghton - harp)
~Tom Arthurs: And Distant Shore (Giuliano Sommerhalder and Tom Arthurs - trumpets, Richard Fairhurst - piano)
+Terry Mann: Common Dance (score for dance, commissioned by RPS Drummond Fund, October 2009)
+Julian Anderson: Comedy of Change (score for dance, co-commissioned by the RPS Drummond Fund and Asko Ensemble, 8 September 2009)


* = winners of the RPS Composition Prize for young composers
^ = supported by the Susan Bradshaw Composers' Fund
+ = Drummond Fund commission for dance
~ = New Generation commission

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Armand Diangienda, RPS Honorary Member and former pilot who founded a symphony orchestra in one of the poorest cities on earth; Kinshasa, DR of the Congo.


In 1824 the Philharmonic Society paid Beethoven 50 pounds to commission his 9th Symphony.