Music for Dance

The RPS encourages partnerships between composers and choreographers and helps support the creation of new music for dance through the RPS Drummond Fund. The fund was set up in memory of writer, broadcaster and impresario Sir John Drummond CBE and his friend, the English born Diaghilev dancer, Lydia Sokolova.

What does the fund offer?

The principal aim of the fund is to help to commission music for dance by providing financial assistance towards the commission fees of composers.

Who is it open to?

Professional dance artists, companies, festivals or venues of at least 2 years’ standing based in the United Kingdom. At least 6 performances (not necessarily all in the UK) of the new score must be guaranteed in the first 12 months of the work’s life.

How can I apply?

Opportunities to apply will be advertised on this site. There are no current opportunities available.

The Drummond Fund is part of the RPS New Music Programme. We are extremely grateful to the trusts, corporate sponsors and individual donors who support the programme. Click here to find out more.


Diana Burrell, composer and Artistic Director of the Harwich Festival, Essex: The RPS is such an important organisation - where would music be without it?


Alina Ibragimova, who won the 2010 RPS Young Artist Award, first received help from the RPS to buy a new bow when she was only 14.