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This should include reference to your study, significant performances, and any other musical pursuits you may have alongside composing (such as performing, teaching, arranging, leading/contributing to workshops).


Please read our Application Guidelines (link at the top of this page) before providing details of your three works.

For 'Title of Work', please specify which movement if you are not submitting the full work.

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A written reference from one person of standing (such as your teacher, a professional composer, or someone working in the music profession) who is prepared to endorse your application must be sent by the referee to admin@philharmonicsociety.uk by the closing date.

See the Application Guidelines for more information (link at the top of this page).

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Please be sure to upload your scores here labelling your files as follows: Firstname Surname - Title of work


Tim Walker, CEO and Artistic Director of the London Philharmonic Orchestra: I value the RPS for supporting what we do and in particular for stimulating an interest in new music.


In early Philharmonic Society concerts, players often rotated within their orchestral section, reflecting the orchestra's wealth of performing talent as well as its democratic ethos: no ‘distinction of rank’.