ENCORE On Camera

ENCORE Chamber Commissioned as part of the Royal Philharmonic Society's Encore Scheme, these two short films delve deeper into the music of British composers Hugh Wood and David Matthews.

Hugh Wood's Fourth String Quartet was selected as one of the works on the latest scheme, which focused on chamber music. It was performed for Encore by the Escher String Quartet.

David Matthews's Third String Quartet was also selected for the Chamber Music scheme. It was performed for Encore by Carducci String Quartet.

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Graham Sheffield, Director of Arts, British Council: Nobody could ever have invented the RPS. I love it for the support it gives to musicians, and for its commitment to an inspiring future for music.


The RPS is over 200 years old, founded in 1813 ‘to promote the performance, in the most perfect manner possible, of the best and most approved instrumental music'.