Past Projects

Past projects and commissions from the RPS's New Music Programme

PULSE (2014)

The RPS's first ever film and music commission, PULSE brought together two young artists British/Bulgarian composer Dobrinka Tabakova and Scottish film-maker Ruth Paxton to create a new work for the PRS for Music Foundation’s New Music Biennial in 2014. 


Inspired by PULSE, the RPS joined forces with arts charity IdeasTap in 2014 with a new initiative which offered five young filmmakers and five composers the chance to create their own short film/music collaborations.

Notes, Steps, Timelines and Collaborations (2014)

This project brought together the worlds of dance and music in a short course funded by the RPS Drummond Fund. Over three Sundays in October 2014, eight young composers and choreographers from around the UK met at the Rambert Dance studios to explore the process of creating new work and learn about each other's disciplines.

Composer in the House (2010-14)

Devised by the RPS and the PRS for Music Foundation, Composer in the House residencies enabled composers and performers alike to have space to create new work, and invite audiences to engage actively with new music through long-term involvement with a composer. Four two-year residencies were planned with regional UK orchestras.


Jane Manning, internationally recognised soprano specialising in contemporary music over an eminent career, premiering over 350 new works.


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