Rylan Gleave

RPS Composer 2020 | Commission for Presteigne Festival

About Rylan

My name is Rylan Gleave, and I’m a Glasgow-based composer and vocalist. I originally trained as a mezzo-soprano at Chetham’s School of Music, then studied a Bachelor of Music in Composition with David Fennessy at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, completing my Master’s Degree with Linda Buckley in July 2021. This background has allowed me to navigate a variety of musical styles, especially as I dropped to a bass-baritone during this time. My writing is often highly influenced by my late-breaking voice, meaning that lines can be microtonal, rhythmically stuttering, and otherwise divergent. I find myself drawn to imperfect sound, and the grains of colour behind specific and extended techniques; working closely with a soloist or ensemble to explore their idiomatic playing is key to my writing process.

I would describe my practice as inclusive, accessible, and collaborative, rooting itself in human realness and fragility. This way of working has lead me to connect with my communities, and allowed me the confidence to ‘re-emerge’ as a composer/performer in various contexts, in addition to honing my skill set as a composer. Exploring the impact of intersectional marginalised identity on practice is important to me, in order to facilitate and uplift those whose voices are not being amplified.


supine (it lay)

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