Recipients to date

The RPS Composers programme was originally known as the 'RPS Composition Prize', instigated in 1948 for composers graduating from the leading UK music colleges. In recent years, the opportunity has expanded, becoming a development programme to meet composers' needs, and its terms of application eased to encourage a broader range of voices. Here follows a record of all its beneficiaries since 1948.

Find out about our current RPS Composers cohort by clicking here, each of whom has a dedicated page on the RPS website. For last year's cohort, we have retained their RPS webpages, and these are linked below. For previous beneficiaries, where available, we have linked their current website or an equivalent webpage detailing their progress and achievements.

1948 - 1999 / 2000 - to date

2024 RPS Composers programme
Aileen Sweeney
Anjelica Cleaver

Fergus Hall

James Albany Hoyle

Jasper Dommett
Sun Keting

Sarah Frances Jenkins

2023 RPS Composers programme
Amy Bryce
Ben Lunn

Blasio Kavuma

Electra Perivolaris

Florence Anna Maunders

Michael Betteridge

Philip Dutton

Soosan Lolavar

2021-22 RPS Composers programme
Alex Ho
Andrew Chen

Angela Elizabeth Slater

Lucy Armstrong

Rylan Gleave

Sarah Lianne Lewis

Zakiya Leeming

2020-21 RPS Composers programme
Alex Paxton

Ayanna Witter-Johnson

James B. Wilson

Jonathan Woolgar

Lucy Hale

Ruta Vitkauskaite

Sylvia Lim

2019-20 RPS Composers programme
Claire Roberts

Hollie Harding

Jocelyn Campbell

Joel Järventausta

Lillie Harris

Peter Wilson

Robert Laidlow

Robin Haigh

2018-19 RPS Composers programme
Chia-Ying Lin

Carmen Ho

Benjamin Ashby

Daniel Fardon

Grace-Evangeline Mason

Liam Mattison

2017 RPS Composition Prize
Eugene Birman
Emmanuel Charalabopoulos

Edmund Hunt
Austin Leung
Bethan Morgan-Williams
Laurence Osborn
Freya Waley-Cohen

2016 RPS Composition Prize
Lisa Illean
Darren Bloom
Patrick Brennan
Donghoon Shin
Gareth Moorcraft
Jack Sheen

2015 RPS Composition Prize
Desmond Clarke
Hunter Coblentz
Ninfea Cruttwell-Reade
Dani Howard
Patrick John Jones
Michael Taplin

2014 RPS Composition Prize
Samuel Bordoli
Oliver Leith
Nicholas Morrish
Elizabeth Ogonek

Michael Small
Nicholas Stuart

2013 RPS Composition Prize
Michael Cutting
Samantha Fernando
Matthew Kaner
Daniel Kidane
Tom Stewart

2012 RPS Composition Prize
Tom Coult
Arne Gieshoff
Christopher McAteer
David Önaç
Robert Peate

2011 RPS Composition Prize
Stef Conner
David Curington
Philip Dawson

Lauri Supponen

2010 RPS Composition Prize
Charlotte Bray
Steven Daverson
Edward Nesbit
Mark Simpson

2009 RPS Composition Prize
Dimitris Economou
Shiva Feshareki

Michael Langemann

Christian Mason

2008 RPS Composition Prize
Evis Sammoutis
Sasha Siem

Martin Suckling

2007 RPS Composition Prize
Tristan Rhys Williams

Cheryl Frances-Hoad

2006 RPS Composition Prize
Mark Bowden
Charlie Piper

2005 RPS Composition Prize
Emily Hall

Christopher Mayo

2004 RPS Composition Prize
Dai Fujikura

2003 RPS Composition Prize
Brian Herrington
Phillip Neil Martin

2002 RPS Composition Prize
John Hails

Simon Mawhinney

2001 RPS Composition Prize
David Gorton

2000 RPS Composition Prize
Luke Bedford