Annual General Meeting

Every Spring, the RPS holds its Annual General Meeting. A central part of this is to share our Annual Report and Accounts, for Members to approve. The Annual Report is intended to give you a comprehensive picture of all the charity’s activities and our financial progress over the year. You can read the latest edition – for the year ending 31 August 2019 – below.

Owing to the truly exceptional circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to present the 2020 AGM in the traditional way as planned on Wednesday 6 May. Given the government’s lockdown on movement, Members could not attend in person so all voting was conducted by proxy, using an online proxy voting form submitted in advance. With sufficient such votes received for voting to be quorate, our Chairman John Gilhooly OBE proceeded, at the date and time originally scheduled for the meeting, to account all business of the AGM and outcomes of voting, streamed live to our website for Members to watch. You can still watch this below:

The approved Annual Report and Accounts, and the Minutes of the AGM detailing this year’s resolutions, are presented below. As we were unable to meet on this occasion, the RPS very much looks forward to the opportunity to bring Members together once social distancing has eased.