Annual General Meeting

Every Spring, the RPS holds its Annual General Meeting. A central part of this is to share our Annual Report and Accounts, for Members to approve. The Annual Report is intended to give you a comprehensive picture of all the charity’s activities and our financial progress over the year, and we hope you enjoy reading it. The full Notice of the AGM and the draft Annual Report and Accounts can be found below.

We were originally planning to hold our 2020 Annual General Meeting on Monday 6 April but, given the current Coronavirus situation, are postponing it. It is now scheduled to take place at 6pm on Wednesday 6 May in the Bechstein Room at the Wigmore Hall.

In order to submit the approved Report and Accounts to the Charity Commission and Companies House in timely fashion, we are hopeful the meeting can proceed then. As it draws nearer, we appreciate Members may not be able or inclined to venture out. In this instance, we welcome you to cast your vote on the key matters at the meeting by proxy. If you would like the Chair of the meeting to act as your proxy, we invite you to complete our new proxy voting form which you can find linked at the bottom of this page. If you wish for another Member who plans to attend the meeting to act as your proxy, you should contact Robin - our General Manager - on to tell us in advance the name of the Member who will vote on your behalf.

If you are not able to attend the meeting but have any queries or comments arising from any of the papers or matters to be addressed, we are so pleased to hear from you. Do contact Robin as above in the first instance, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Board and Council Updates

At the AGM, we also update Members on changes of personnel to the RPS Board of Trustees and advisory Council. Those we hope to join us anew or eligible for a further term are subject to appointment at the meeting.

We are particularly pleased at the prospect of welcoming to the Board the eminent pianist and composer Stephen Hough CBE and Angela Dixon, visionary Chief Executive of Essex’s thriving classical music venue, Saffron Hall. At this meeting, we also seek to formally appoint Helena Gaunt (Principal, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama), Jess Gillam (saxophonist), Dame Evelyn Glennie (percussionist), Helen Grime (composer) and Sam Jackson (former Managing Editor, Classic FM) who the Board provisionally assigned to the Council in the Autumn. While Trustees Edward Blakeman, Gillian Moore CBE and Anthony Newhouse step down after many dedicated years, we seek to retain Edward and Gillian’s expertise – in their senior musical roles at BBC Radio 3 and Southbank Centre respectively – on the Council. The Board is currently seeking a successor to Anthony as Honorary Treasurer who we hope to appoint shortly.

Gold Medal

At the AGM, the Board and Council are also pleased to present the names of those who they deem worthy this year of the RPS’ coveted Gold Medal, pending a vote by Members. This year proposals are made for the composer John Williams whose work has touched millions and drawn many to orchestral music, and the conductor Vladimir Jurowski, renowned internationally for performances of consistently high-standard, and the remarkable daring and versatility of his programming. By longstanding tradition, the Society asks Members to keep the names of those proposed and approved for the Gold Medal confidential until it is presented publically: thank you kindly for respecting this.