Your Playlist

We know things are strange and sometimes tough at the moment, but the unmatched power of music to console, uplift and restore us means that we have a wonderful library of possibilities to listen to. We'd love to hear about your favourite pieces of music which you listen to when you need a boost. It can be a boost of anything: a boost of energy, a boost of light, or a boost of soul. Sometimes the most unexpected music can fuel us in surprising ways. Tell us what does it for you.

Please submit details of your chosen piece below, and in due course we'll share a Spotify playlist of pieces with all RPS Members - compiled by you!

To get you started, here are a couple of our own choices...

  • Madeline, RPS Relationships Manager: Bach Cello Suite in G major - 'This piece makes me feel as though I'm sinking into a warm bath. It is relaxing and soothing yet vibrant, and never fails to cheer me up.'
  • Robin, RPS General Manager: Sibelius Symphony No. 5 - 'The rousing horn theme over scurrying strings in the final movement in particular feel to me like an anthem of hope. I cannot help but be uplifted when listening to this piece.'
If you have a preferred recording of it, let us know. If you're on Spotify, you're welcome to share a direct link to it, or we can locate it ourselves.