Meet Our Young Musicians

Meet our current grant recipients, scholars and prize winners

RPS Albert and Eugenie Frost Prize 2019

Echéa Quartet

RPS Henderson Chamber Music Ensemble Award 2019

Mithras Piano Trio

RPS Emily Anderson Prize 2019

Maja Horvat

RPS Allianz Prize 2019

Timothy Ridout

RPS Instrument Purchase Grants 2019

Aden Yip - Violin bow
Alexander Boukikov - French horn
Amy Gadiaga - Double bass & French bow
Barbara Matos - Classical guitar
Breony Watson - Flute
Clement Saynor - Double bass
Dominika Dawidowska - Classical guitar
Emily Carter - French horn
Emma Shield - Xylophone
Evangelos Saklaras - Double bass bow
Isaac Barrow - Oboe
George Strivens - French horn
Laura Harrison - Alto saxophone
Luke Anderson - Classical guitar
Maria Filippova - Flute
Matthew Sayers - French horn
Mebrakh Haughton-Johnson - Tenor saxophone
Tom Bennett - Percussion instruments & cases

RPS Julius Isserlis Scholars 2019

Rosa Hartley
Finn Mannion
Ross Montgomery
Milo Harper

RPS Albert and Eugenie Frost Prize 2018

Barbican Quartet

RPS Henderson Chamber Music Ensemble Award 2018

A4 Brass Quartet

RPS Emily Anderson Prize 2018

Maria Gilicel

RPS Allianz Prize 2018

Izabela Musial - bassoon

RPS Instrument Purchase Grants 2018

Archie Auger - Bassoon
Tyrel Charles-Murphy - Drums
Fresca David - Bb Clarinet
Ken Fairbrother - Violin
Carmen Farfan - Guitar
Connor Gingell - Tuba
Louise Hayden - Bassoon
Alexander Henshaw - Percussion
Chloe Hillman - Alto Saxophone
Jessica Hughes - Harp
William King - Trombone
Ashby Mayes - Bassoon
Samuel Middleton - French Horn
Jessica Muir - Violin
Samuel Ng - Cello
Abigail Pettican - Bb Clarinet
Isabella Ann Pincombe - Oboe
Megan Swift - Flute
William Whitehouse - Tuba

RPS-Duet Prizes 2018

Adam Possener - composition
Marie Sato - flute
Noah Zhou - piano

RPS Julius Isserlis Scholars 2017

Tom Pritchard - percussion
Richard Allen - harp

RPS Instrument Purchase Grants 2017

Aaron Akugbo - C Trumpet
Alma Wilson - Bassoon
Hannah Parry - Recorder
John-Anthony Craig - Baritone Saxophone
Kaethe Uken - A Clarinet
Kristina Yumerska - French Horn
Luke Vice-Coles - Bb Trumpet
Mina Middleton - Piccolo
Oliver Smedley - Bass Trombone
Phillip Thomas Pike - Bassoon
Polly Bartlett - Oboe
Raymond Brien - Eb Clarient
Samrat Majumder - Classical Guitar
Sophie Donnelly - French Horn

RPS Albert and Eugenie Frost Prize 2017

Marmen String Quartet

RPS Henderson Chamber Music Ensemble Award 2017

Pelléas Enemble

RPS Emily Anderson Award 2017

Amarins Wierdsma - violin