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Firstname Surname (Instrument - Nationality); etc.
For Henderson Prize applications, ensembles must have been playing together for at least two years.
Must be 30 or under by application deadline
Rounded to nearest year
If you are applying as a brass ensemble of up to 5 players, you can also choose to be considered for the £2,500 RPS Philip Jones Brass Prize without needing to complete a second application form. To be considered for this Prize, as well as the RPS Henderson Chamber Ensemble Award, please tick the following box:

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If applicable
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If you do not commence playing at the very start (in minutes and seconds)


Written references from two musicians of standing (such as your music teachers) who are prepared to endorse your application must be sent by the referee to admin@philharmonicsociety.uk by the application closing date.

These references must relate to this 2020 Prize, and it is your and your referees' responsibilty that they arrive no later than midday on Tuesday 2 February 2021. Your application will only be considered upon receipt of up to date references.

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