Huw Llewellyn

RPS Instrument Purchase Grant 2020 | £750 towards a Bb trumpet

Huw Llewellyn is a Second Year Undergraduate Studying Jazz at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Huw grew up in Port Talbot, Wales and spent most of his younger years playing in various brass bands and youth organisations competing in competitions such as the music for youth competition and multiple brass band competitions.

After a short break he found a rekindled interest in music through the medium of jazz and studied music at NPTC music academy in which he was involved in many more competitions but of varying styles from funk and jazz ensembles to more classically arranged ensembles. During this time, he started his own jazz quintet in order to further develop his ensemble playing to aid his audition for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. He is currently involving himself in the jazz community in Cardiff with aims of branching further afield in order to progress with his career and ultimately create interesting and unique music.

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