Lara Aisha Ali, recipient of a 2023 Instrument Purchase Grant

Further funding opportunities

Each year, we are pleased to receive applications for our longstanding Instrument Purchase Grants for first-year undergraduates at UK music colleges.

While we can only offer a very limited number of grants each year, we are pleased to offer some further ideas and signposts here for any musicians who may be seeking funds to buy themselves an instrument.

Firstly, we always recommend you consult Help Musicians UK to find information about opportunities and guidance on applying.

The following organisations also offer grants for instrument purchase:

The following organisations also offer loans for instrument purchase:

We are always looking to update these lists, so if you know of any further such funds available to UK-based musicians looking to buy instruments, please do contact us.

Beyond these sources, many of the instrumentalists we have helped with grants have had further success of their own by organising a fundraising recital where they are based - perhaps at a local church or similar - or indeed an online recital now such things are becoming more commonplace as a result of the pandemic lockdown. If you are looking for ideas on how to get started with such a project, or other initiatives you could undertake, please read the story of Ashby Mayes who put real imagination and drive into raising funds to buy himself a good bassoon recently.

You might also consider setting up a crowdfunding page too (on a platform such as GoFundMe). This can be an effective way to share your story with friends and family, and raise funds.