RPS Allianz Instrumentalist Prize

The RPS Allianz Instrumentalist Prize is a £2,500 cash prize is awarded to an outstanding solo instrumentalist playing an “endangered” classical instrument - bassoon, oboe, French horn, viola, trombone, tuba and double bass. The purpose of this Prize is to support the recipient's performance opportunities and career development.

A similar initiative was launched by Youth Music in 2003 which saw 2,000 endangered instruments being made available to young people. In awarding the RPS Allianz Instrumentalist Prize each year, we hope to raise the profile of these instruments so that more young musicians will be encouraged to take them up in future. When asked in your application how you will use the prize, you should suggest ways in which you could be a positive advocate for your instrument, inspiring others of its worth, in the year ahead.

The inaugural 2018 Prize was awarded to bassoonist, Izabela Musial.

Who is it open to?

The 2019 Prize is open to viola players based in the UK throughout 2020, with a maximum age of 28 at the application closing date.

How can I apply?

Applications for 2019 have now closed.

The prize will reopen in summer 2020.

The RPS Allianz Instrumentalist Prize is part of the RPS Young Musicians Programme. We're extremely grateful to the trusts, corporate sponsors and individual donors whose generous support enables us to offer such opportunities.

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