Past Recipients

The following are the names of all RPS Julius Isserlis Scholars since the competition began in 1980. The category of instrument can be varied at the discretion of the Society and in 2009 the scholarship was open to all instrumental catagories for the first time.

Kristine Balanas - violin (main award)
Imogen Hancock - trumpet (subsidiary award)

Ariana Kashefi - cello (main award)
Emily Hoile - harp (subsidiary award)

Toby Hughes - double bass (main award)
Victoria Harrild - cello (subsidiary award)
Emily Hoile - harp (subsidiary award)

Zara Benyounes - violin
Fiona Kelly - flute

2007: Percussion
Nicholas Reed
Rebecca Burch (Special Award)

2005: Brass
Steven Haynes (Special Award)
Ruth Mulvey (Special Award)

2003: Bowed Stringed Instruments
James Barralet

2001: Piano
Philip Fisher
James Willshire (Special Award)
David McGrory (Special Award)

1999: Flute/Oboe
Katherine Bryan (flute)

1997: Violin/Viola
Miriam Teppich (violin)

1995: Organ
Colm Carey
Stephen Disley (Special Award)

1993: Piano
Jason Ridgway

1991: Violin/Viola/Cello
Janice Graham (violin)
Matthew Sharp (cello)
Thomas Carroll (cello)

1989: Piano
Sam Haywood

1987: Violin/Viola/Cello
Clive Greensmith (cello)
Robert Max (cello)

1985: Piano
Robert Markham

1983: Viola
Sophie Renshaw

1981: Cello
Caroline Dale

1980: Piano
Stephen Hough


Diana Burrell, composer and Artistic Director of the Harwich Festival, Essex: The RPS is such an important organisation - where would music be without it?


1830: Midsummer Night’s Dream is ‘very beautiful, and encored, but it is awfully, fearfully difficult, so much so that last Saturday morning Mendelssohn was SEVEN hours rehearsing.’