Past Recipients


2010 to date / Earlier grants


Emily Evans to attend 2020 Oundle for Organists Abroad in Denmark

Alex Little
for organ lessons with Hans Gaius in Copenhagen

Laura Mendes
towards course fees at Royal College of Music

Alex Pott
jointly awarded the 2019 Flentrop Scholarship

Joshua Ryan
fees for Royal Academy of Music Masters Course, LRAM Teaching and ARCO Diplomas

Marko Sever
towards organ lessons with David Cassan in Paris

Joshua Simoes
for purchase of music scores: Bach, Buxtehude, Vierne

Tammas Slater
jointly awarded the 2019 Flentrop Scholarship

Robert Smith for organ lessons in preparation for FRCO Diploma

St Albans International Organ Festival
to support the IOF 2020 Improvisation Masterclass


Zacharias Crowe to attend the Oundle for Organists course

Efstratios Gkioulmpanoglou to attend Haarlem Summer Organ School

Alexander Hamilton one year’s tuition at Birmingham Conservatoire

Jas Hutchinson-Bazely to attend César Franck masterclass in Rouen

Ishal Mahmud to attend RCO Academy Pulling Out The Stops course

Andrzej Malitowski towards fees for the Advanced Performers Course at Royal Academy of Music


Andrzej Malitowski towards course fees at Royal Academy of Music

Alan Montgomery for travel costs on Haarlem Organ Study Visit

Richard Moore ETT Annual Award to produce a CD of British and American music for organ and trumpet

Oundle for Organists towards the costs of Oundle for Organists Abroad course, Paris

Polina Sosnina towards cost of attending Cambridge Summer Course in Moulins and Souvigny

St John’s Smith Square towards the cost of the Bach in Advent organ recital series

Justin Stollery towards Royal Academy of Music Foundation Course and ARCO examination


Thomas Allery to study under Pieter van Dijk at the Laurenskerk, Alkmaar

Choir & Organ Magazine to research a series of features on Scottish House Organs

Magdalene Jones towards the tuition costs for the Royal College of Music Masters Degree

David Loxley-Blount awarded ETT Annual Award to compose organ piece in 4 movements

Harry Meehan towards the cost of Oundle for Organists Abroad course, Alkmaar, Netherlands

Alan Montgomery towards tuition and travel costs in Paris, France

Matthew Searles towards tuition costs at the Academie International d’Orgue de Poitiers

Jemima Stephenson awarded the 2016 Flentrop Scholarship

David Thomas towards the cost of the LRAM examination fee


Domenico Gioffré for tuition costs in Paris and in UK with Martin Neary

Harry Jacques towards the costs of Oundle for Organists Abroad course in Paris

James Kealey towards tuition and travel for Organ Improvisation training with David Briggs

Gillian McNaughton towards the costs of Oundle for Organists Abroad course in Paris

Oundle for Organists towards the costs of Oundle for Organists Abroad course, Paris

Georgina Sherriff towards lessons in Paris

Jonathan Stamp towards costs of Oundle for Organists Abroad course in Paris


Alexander Binns for tuition in 20th century French organ music with Susan Landale

Richard Brasier for travel to Bordeaux to perform an organ recital

Glen Dempsey for organ tuition with Jacques van Oormerssen in Amsterdam

Louisa Denby towards the cost of tuition in Choral Conducting with William Whitehead

Sean Heath for travel to Hamburg on study trip with the Birmingham Conservatoire

Peter Holder towards the cost of recording an organ CD at Neresheim Abbey, Germany

Robert Smith towards the cost of an organ recital tour in Germany


Tak Man Chow awarded the 2013 Flentrop Scholarship

Anthony Daly towards the costs of application and preparation for ARCO

Chon Meng (Nathan) Lam towards the costs of application and preparation for ARCO

Adele Melia towards costs of the summer course at the Royal College of Organists


James Andrews for study trip and master class in Paris, with Birmingham Conservatoire

Tom Bell towards cost of a CD recording on Durham Cathedral organ

Peter Holder for the purchase of organ scores in the French Romantic tradition

Kit Chi Lau to attend the Haarlem Summer Organ Academy

Steven McIntyre awarded the 2012 Flentrop Scholarship


Richard Brasier awarded the 2011 Flentrop Scholarship

James Burke to study with Clive Driskill-Smith and William Whitehead

Ja Yeon Kang to study with Anne Marsden Thomas

Chon Meng (Nathan) Lam to attend the St Giles Junior Conservatoire

Nicholas Wearne towards the costs of travel and tuition with Eric Lebrun in Paris


Stephanie Bec towards the cost of Birmingham Conservatoire visit to Denmark & Germany

Diana Burrell assistance with publishing costs of Horae Canonicae

Chere Ko awarded the 2010 Flentrop Scholarship

Tim Ramsey towards the cost of a study visit to Italy

RCO London Organ Forum towards the cost of François Couperin themed event

Matthew Searles towards the cost of course at Edinburgh Organ Academy

Daniel Trocmé-Latter to cover specialist tuition fees with Anne Page


Jane Manning, internationally recognised soprano specialising in contemporary music over an eminent career, premiering over 350 new works.


The Philharmonic Society was founded by professional musicians in 1813 to perform publicly ‘in the most perfect manner possible, the best and most approved music'.