Olivia Jageurs - Trailblazer

Harpist Olivia is always inventive. A few years ago, she was shortlisted for an RPS Award thanks to ‘15 second harp’ in which she invited composers of all ages and levels to submit short pieces or extracts for her to play and help them refine. She’s found fresh ways to connect in lockdown with her latest initiative ‘Harpy Hour’ which she’s now keen to make part of her lasting practice:

In Olivia’s own words:

'I started Harpy Hour in the first week of the first UK lockdown as a way to create a new source of income. The shows are Zoom request concerts and people tune in each week from around the world. The shows regular sell out with 100 households paying for tickets (often with 2 or more people watching on each device). Tickets are sold by donation from £5. I’ll be presenting the 60th concert this June. A real sense of community has formed among the audience who are encouraged to interact and introduce their choice of music. It is important to me that people of all ages can enjoy the concerts and discover new pieces of music in an informal way. Zoom has enabled a live experience for people who might not have previously been able to travel to one of my concerts. Zoom has enabled me to interact with my audience in the most exciting new way. I would like to use the RPS Enterprise Fund to improve my marketing so that the concerts can reach more people. I would like to improve my equipment set-up, box office system and to integrate live concerts with the digital experience, and make all the good things that have arisen from Harpy Hour a lasting part of what I do.'

Here’s a taste of the Harpy Hour experience:

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