The 87 recipients of the RPS Enterprise Fund, presented in association with Harriet’s Trust, are:


Andrew Staples, tenor - having furthered his skills as an innovative filmmaker, to acquire vital high-end kit, to present classical music in exciting ways through film and share his approach and expertise with other musicians

Elena Urioste and Tom Poster, violin and piano - to further the reach and possibilities of the hugely-popular #UriPosteJukebox, engaging other musicians, and fulfilling their potential as inquisitive, playful and inclusive role models to younger counterparts across the music education ecology

The Gesualdo Six - to bring to localities nationally the vocal group’s collaborative ‘London Sound Gallery’ concept created in lockdown, for the group to make music and lasting contacts with local talents and audiences, in live and digital offerings

Jessie Grimes, clarinet - to explore and develop the rich possibilities of an inspired array of performances entitled ‘Jessie’s Homemade Garden Jam’ presented with friends in her garden this last year, investing in better kit to film, mobilising the model particularly for the benefit of vulnerable and elderly groups, addressing its distinct appeal to engage those otherwise untouched by conventionally-presented classical music

Joby Burgess, percussion - building on the ‘Virtual Marimba Choir’ which uniting percussionists worldwide in lockdown, establishing the ‘Virtual Percussion Orchestra’ that will not only give players more opportunity to play together digitally, but provide a community for percussionists, especially those with limited support, encouragement and resource

Olivia Jageurs, harp - to build on the success of innovative digital format ‘Harpy Hour’ whose intimacy and interaction proved popular and lucrative in lockdown; making the model a lasting part of her practice and sharing its blueprint with other instrumentalists

Rosie Bergonzi, percussion - to transform the profile, appreciation and take-up of the handpan, an instrument she has presented the rich possibilities of in lockdown, and to fulfil her potential as role-model to other under-presented percussionists


Nevena Atanasova, flute - to foster collaborations with visual artists and establish a free educational online platform of play-along flute duets

Max Baillie, violin / viola - to acquire quality audiovisual equipment to match the artistic level of his online offerings developed over lockdown

Lizzie Ball, violin - to upskill herself as a professional coach to younger musicians, as trialled in lockdown

Nicola Barbagli, oboe - to furthering and creating a legacy for Willingdon House Music, created in lockdown by a household of musicians

Fleur Barron, mezzo soprano - roused in lockdown to make more of her Asian heritage, taking steps putting this at the heart of her practice, programming and advocacy

Sam Becker, double bass - having found new skills in video editing during lockdown, putting this to use filming and directing audiovisual productions both for himself and other musicians

Jonathan Berman, conductor - having collaborated with filmmakers in lockdown, now developing skills of his own to create more informative musical films

James Boyd, guitar/voice - to upskill and build his resources in order to develop his 'Wilderness Concerts' established during lockdown

Lou Bradbury, recorder - laterally broadening her capabilities and outputs as a recorder player, including work with a vocal coach

Kizzy Brooks, percussion - to evolve 'PercWorks', an online platform established in lockdown to inspire the next generation of percussionists

Katherine Browning, bass clarinet - to curate a 'Tea and Jam' digital performance series, trialled in lockdown, for isolated musicians to connect with isolated audiences

Naomi Burrell, Baroque violin - to transform her scope as a Baroque violinist, bringing spoken word and other musical genres into her performance practice

Sophie Cameron, violin - to further develop new-found momentum working in electronica, and specifically in its potential deployment in collaboration with the Prison Reform Trust

Campana Duo - to develop a series of digital performances started in lockdown, connecting with schools, academies and Covid recoverers

Carducci Quartet - to further their inventive 'Words and Music' and 'Digital Postcards' initiatives established by the group in lockdown

Carrillo-Clegg Duo - having been locked-down together, resolving to modify and open up their home as a performance venue, and newly explore their scope as a performing duo

Chameleon - for this woodwind quartet to develop an informal, conversation-based 'Virtually Live' online concert series, exploring audience interaction

Joshua Cirtina, trombone - for the trombonists of the RPO to build on an online bootcamp - ‘Ultimate Trombone Training’ - that they independently created in lockdown, with added educational video content

Bridget Cunningham, harpsichord / conductor - to create a new online festival of forgotten British Baroque composers

Alexandra Dariescu, piano - to contribute towards a range of mentoring opportunities that will advance her own capabilities to present original, imaginative stage works

Carola Darwin, soprano - in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, creating a series of mini documentaries on the lives and works of under-represented composers

Tabea Debus, recorder - to change impressions and reveal new facets of the recorder, through original collaboration and work with a movement director

Dionysus Ensemble - to further and create a legacy for the 'United Commonwealth Covid Music Project' which the group led in lockdown

Anthony Friend, clarinet - to further and create a legacy for the 'Bandstand Chamber Festival' and 'Spotlight Chamber Concerts' he established in lockdown

Samara Ginsberg, cello - building on the huge family following established by her popular lockdown videos, now creating a range of educational videos to inspire and motivate beginner-to-Grade 5-level cellists

Bartosz Glowacki, accordion - after very limited opportunity for his instrument in lockdown, he will establish a new YouTube channel shining welcome light on the unsung possibilities of the accordion

Noemi Gyori, flute - having learned to self-record recitals and videos in lockdown, devoting this skill to shining light on the unsung women in flute history

James Hall, countertenor - building on his success establishing 'Vopera' in lockdown, furthering the technical skills he can bring to a range of musical productions

Joanna Harries, mezzo soprano - imaginatively responding to lockdown by creating 'The Thames Song Path', a unique musical podcast bringing audiences outdoors

Lorraine Hart, oboe - to establish a collective who create art gallery-like musical installations specifically for audiences who usually face barriers to accessing classical music

Fenella Humphreys, violin - having been a bright presence throughout lockdown, now acquiring professional equipment to boost the quality of her broadcasts

Guy James, countertenor - as we return to live performance in new formats, exploring how binaural recording could be distinctively used to captivate audiences

Jennifer Johnston, mezzo soprano - having created the popular 'Bitesize Proms' series in lockdown, developing her entrepreneurial potential by participating in Harvard's Women in Leadership online programme for emerging leaders

Jubilee Quartet - to enable the string quartet to take an online academy newly developed in lockdown into schools

Thomas Kemp, conductor - to help create an original new rendition of Stravinsky's The Soldier's Tale with animation, having been highly productive through lockdown with 'Music at Malling'

Eloise Kretschmer, double bass - having newly experimented in theatrical productions in lockdown, this will further her resources for future such ventures and collaborations

Lucas Krupinski, piano - to build on the success of concerts he has streamed in lockdown to create a 'Virtual Piano Club'

Echo Vocal Ensemble - having kept busy creating 'The Kitchen Sessions' in lockdown, now putting newly-learned skills to use filming and sharing the creative and rehearsal processes of the ensemble, to bring audiences closer to their work

Cheryl Law, viola - to develop the scope of her practice as a performer, having inventively established a theatre troupe during lockdown

Simon Lepper, piano and Natasha Loges, educator – collaborating with voice and piano duos internationally to celebrate a greater diversity of repertoire in response to the global pandemic

Matilda Lloyd, trumpet - to further her educational offering and potential as a role-model, through a new classical music podcast ‘Musical Roots’ which will interview guests from every corner of the industry to share their musical journeys

Victoria Longdon, conductor - for the provision of equipment to help further her online engagement and individual work, having co-founded the Stay At Home Choir during lockdown

Becki Luff, harp - to explore the fresh possibilities of intersecting harp, voice and electronics, trialled in lockdown

Marici Saxes - having tested digital possibilities in lockdown, evolving these in multiple ways to further the profile of the saxophone quartet and reach wider audiences

Eliza Marshall, flute - to further her online presentation skills, and to research the prospect and parameters of her work to date on music and environmental issues

Rosie Middleton, mezzo-soprano - to strengthen both her resilience and that of other singers, creating a series of filmed studies exploring body autonomy and hyper-mobility

Eleanor Mills, bassoon - to create a series of filmed collaborations 'Technically Together' showcasing the scope of the bassoon through unusual instrumental pairings

Madeleine Mitchell, violin - always enterprising, this will enable her to fulfil a new film-making opportunity, exploring fresh links between music and visual art

Ross Montgomery, clarinet - to further practical knowledge of performance anxiety issues to benefit both his own approach and that of others

Darragh Morgan, violin - to develop an 'Innovation out of Isolation' project, taking the music of under-represented contemporary composers to new spaces and audiences

Sarah Parkin, soprano - to integrate movement in her performance practice, developing a system of choreography that will also benefit other musicians, particularly those living with hyper-mobility and dyspraxia

Platform Music - for this string trio to develop skills to present online concerts with focus on black and ethnically diverse composers

Siwan Rhys, piano - to further a new interest in experimental film-making, upskilling and acquiring better gear to make creative, original films of her work

Richard Robbins, tenor - to explore a model for online performances that offer some interactivity for viewers at home

Sophie Rocks, harp - following successful online video output over lockdown, to develop a new series of conversations named 'Harp Rocks', breaking down stereotypes of the instrument

Natasha Sachsenmeier, violin - to upgrade the quality and scope of 'Premier Recitals', established in lockdown, featuring a range of musicians

Satoko Doi-Luck - having lock-downed together, newly seeking to present themselves as an unusual musical duo, acquiring the kit and expertise to further their technical and presentation skills

Lucy Schaufer, mezzo soprano - to create a digital catalogue of past performances, workshops and lectures, to better present her bright range of skills to collaborators and employers

Anneke Scott, horn - to build on a substantial digital outpouring of insightful, specialist content and films about the horn generated during lockdown

Maria Immaculata Setiadi, piano - to build on a cross-arts collaboration in lockdown, establishing a 'Musical Rainbow' project in association with a range of musicians and literary artists

Daniel Shao, flute - to establish a realm of inspiring digital content including vlogs and Q&As for flute players at all levels

Matthew Sharp, cello - a constant, inventive presence online through lockdown, granted funding to better equip and further such pursuits

Solem Quartet - to acquire the kit and skills to continue the group’s 'Writing for Quartet' online workshop series for composers, established in lockdown

Jacquin Trio - to create a wealth of recorded and filmed material, unlocking the group's potential to fulfil storytelling projects for children and other imaginative collaborations

Avi Taler, conductor - enabling him to freshly investigate his position on the podium by devising a more spontaneous, responsive live Zoom-based concert experience

Eloisa-Fleur Thom, violin - having developed technical / digital skills in lockdown, now applying them to create a series of performance videos herself

Elgan Thomas, tenor - to fulfil an individual commitment made in lockdown to nurture new audiences, particularly those in care homes, through inspiring digital content

Anthony Thompson, trumpet - having impressively broadened his technical presentation skills in lockdown, now establishing a live digital platform for these

Jill Valentine, viola - for the continuance of a modest but much-valued series of Covid-safe concerts at St Stephen's Dulwich established in lockdown

Rosalind Ventris, viola - building resource and skill herself, to share online the music of under-represented female composers for the viola

Villiers Quartet - to enable the string quartet to fully instigate '#VQCreate', an interactive online resource giving composition workshops to students, building on initial trials in lockdown

Jeremy Watt, double bass - an enterprising player who has significantly furthered his skills - particularly in recording - during lockdown and is now committed to sharing this with other musicians

James Way, tenor - to further knowledge of voice rehabilitation and performance psychology, to benefit his practice and moreover to share with other performers

Wilde Roses - to put to use skills developed in lockdown in sound engineering and video editing, creating performance / educational films for the early music ensemble to share online

Jeremy Williams, baritone - to help fulfil an ambitious outdoor and virtual project aiming to raise awareness through music of ecological issues

Rosy Williams, violin - drawing on her experiences as a teacher and parent in lockdown, evolving her 'Didsbury Violin Lessons' portal for the benefit of more young musicians

Cordelia Williams, piano - to further her skills and scope as a presenter, newly-found through developing her YouTube channel in lockdown

Katherine Wren, viola - having imaginatively explored links between art, nature and music, to build her technical capabilities to further this original work

Jamie Wright, singer / conductor - for the provision of equipment to help further his online engagement and individual work, having co-founded the Stay At Home Choir during lockdown

Reylon Yount (aka Mantawoman), yangqin - to help present a boundless celebration of their instrument (a Chinese hammered dulcimer) connecting it to a range of contemporary touchstones, including drag