Trailblazer - application form

Please ensure you have read the Application Guidelines before completing the application form below.

In spending time on your application, we advise you save your answers (particularly for the questions requiring longer answers) in a word document or equivalent on your computer in case of any technical glitch.

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Your lockdown accomplishments

Since March, Trailblazer applicants should have built up a body of work through which you connected with a significant audience in fresh ways that you didn’t before the pandemic.

Here you should briefly explain what led you to do this, what skills you developed, and what you newly learned about yourself and your ability to engage your audience. Maximum 2000 characters including spaces.
Please provide up to three web links to illustrate what you have accomplished (accounted in the question above) since March.

What you are applying for

Between £5,000 and £10,000
Maximum 1500 characters including spaces

Please upload a table of costs (as an excel spreadsheet) itemising how you propose to spend your grant. In this, you should include web links to any products or courses as applicable.

If applying as a chamber group, clarify what role each member may play in this. Maximum 2000 characters including spaces.

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