Dorking Choral Society meets baritone Roderick Williams

We took one of the nation's best-loved baritones to sing with a community choir in the heart of Surrey.

Across the country, countless non-professional ensembles bring communities together. At the RPS, we’re getting out to meet some of them, to find out why they’re special to their members and their community, and tell their story here on our website, as we do for many professionals.

We took acclaimed baritone Roderick Williams to meet Dorking Choral Society in one of their regular rehearsals: a timely encounter as they were rehearsing Vaughan Williams’ A Sea Symphony, a work with which Roddy has had a close association. He sang with them and shared his expertise not just on this piece, but on singing in general and excavating the treasures of the text. This short film captures the occasion, and features members of Dorking Choral Society talking about what singing means for them and why more people should join such choirs.

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