Carmen Farfan

2018 RPS Instrument Purchase Grant | Guitar

Carmen Farfan began her studies in classical guitar at the age of six. A prizewinner in many national competitions, Carmen has performed concerts throughout her native country of Venezuela. In 2011 she took first prize in the National Guitar Competition 'Alírio Díaz' and in 2014 won the National Guitar Competition of Angostura.

In 2015 Carmen graduated as an Art Middle Technician (Guitar Performance) from the “Voces de Carayaca” Arts School in Carayaca Venezuela. Her regular participation in masterclasses with visiting international guitarists such as Matthew McAllister, José Antonio Escobar, Otto Tolonen, Luis Zea and Pavel Steidl has shaped her learning and encouraged her pursue studies overseas.

Carmen is currently a first year Bachelor of Music student at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is grateful to the ABRSM for their generous support.

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