Meet Our Young Musicians

Meet our current grant recipients, scholars and prize winners

RPS Julius Isserlis Scholarship 2017

Tom Pritchard - percussion
Richard Allen - harp

RPS Composition Prize 2017

Bethan Morgan-Williams
Laurence Osborn
Emmanuel Charalabopoulos
Freya Waley-Cohen
Eugene Birman
Austin Leung

RPS Instrument Purchase Grants 2017

Aaron Akugbo - C Trumpet
Alma Wilson - Bassoon
Hannah Parry - Recorder
John-Anthony Craig - Baritone Saxophone
Kaethe Uken - A Clarinet
Kristina Yumerska - French Horn
Luke Vice-Coles - Bb Trumpet
Mina Middleton - Piccolo
Oliver Smedley - Bass Trombone
Phillip Thomas Pike - Bassoon
Polly Bartlett - Oboe
Raymond Brien - Eb Clarient
Samrat Majumder - Classical Guitar
Sophie Donnelly - French Horn 

RPS Albert and Eugenie Frost Prize 2017

Marmen String Quartet

RPS Henderson Chamber Music Ensemble Award 2017 

Pelléas Enemble

RPS Emily Anderson Award 2017

Amarins Wierdsma - violin

RPS/Classic FM Classic FM 25th Birthday Commissions 2017

Alex Woolf
Alexia Sloane
Benjamin Rimmer
Dani Howard
Jack Pepper
Marco Galvani
Oliver Muxworthy 

Chilcott Award 2016

Soraya Mafi - soprano

RPS Duet Prize for Young Composers 2016

Freya Ireland

RPS Duet Prize for Young Instrumentalists 2016

Sheku Kanneh-Mason


Peter Moore - trombone
Clare Hammond - piano
Anna Huntley - mezzo soprano

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Tim Walker, CEO and Artistic Director of the London Philharmonic Orchestra: I value the RPS for supporting what we do and in particular for stimulating an interest in new music.


Sing Up! won the RPS 2010 Education Award in for introducing high quality singing to millions of children in English primary schools.