Tyrel Charles-Murphy

RPS Instrument Purchase Grant 2018 | Drums

My name is Tyrel Charles-Murphy, I am a drummer, keyboardist and producer based in East London. I was inspired to play drums after watching my cousin week after week in church, and started to take lessons from him and Umbrella Music in Walthamstow at the age of 7.

At the age of 10 my love and appreciation for music picked up considerably, when I was given the chance to play with my church choir across England (Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield) and in Cardiff. I studied Music Performance, Business and Production at Leyton Sixth Form College where I was blessed with a vast amount of opportunities from playing in Boxpark Shoreditch to in-house projects, like Leyton Live, where I can be seen playing keyboard and drums on YouTube. I was awarded a drum scholarship and received lessons from Andrew Small, who introduced me to the Jazz genre. It was a new scene to me and a great chance to enhance my skills both melodically and rhythmically.

Since joining Leeds College of Music, where I currently study Jazz, I've been introduced to production, creating different beats and arrangements of well known songs such as One Last Time by Ariana Grande and Show Me by Chris Brown. Leeds College of Music has opened more doors for me, and I've performed in one of their most popular concerts, 'Crosswire', sharing the stage with artist Edweezy (available on YouTube).

I'm so grateful for the support of the RPS. This grant is such a blessing, and I now have a chance to buy my instrument and further my career as a musician.


Paul Hughes, General Manager, BBC Symphony Orchestra: Since 1979 when I won the RPS composition prize this amazing organisation has been part of my life, placing music at the heart of modern life.


The RPS sent Beethoven £100 in 1827 to help comfort him when he was ill and much in need of money.