Honorary Membership for Barrie Gavin

18 May 2017

Honorary Membership of the Royal Philharmonic Society has been presented to Barrie Gavin, a film maker renowned for his documentation of the arts, particularly music.

The presentation was made by RPS Executive Director, Rosemary Johnson, and composer, Colin Matthews at the RPS Music Awards ceremony on Tuesday 9 May 2017 at The Brewery in the City of London. 

In its citation, the RPS said: 

Barrie Gavin has spent a lifetime single-mindedly documenting the arts through film: above all classical music, with the composers of today as an overriding priority. The hallmarks of his work are the care and attention to detail which he invests in each and every subject, and his ability to demonstrate insightful authority and profound understanding, while always allowing the music to speak for itself....

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9 May 2017


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