New website for Philip Langridge Mentoring Scheme

01 Sep 2012

Visit to find out more about the young musicians and mentors taking part in this unique scheme.

A musician’s path is not easy. Young instrumentalists, singers and composers are faced with learning their chosen discipline, together with gaining a good knowledge in a range of other areas. An understanding of music history, aural training, concert presentation, promotion and business skills are all important for a well-rounded musician. Coupled with a competitive and ever-increasing commercial environment, this can make pursuing a career in music rather daunting.

The Philip Langridge Mentoring scheme is a partnership between the Royal Philharmonic Society and the Young Classical Artists Trust designed to help young musicians starting out in the profession benefit from the wisdom of established international performers.  Among the first mentors are Imogen Cooper, Steven Isserlis and Opera Director Stephen Langridge.

Follow their progress at our new website


Tim Walker, CEO and Artistic Director of the London Philharmonic Orchestra: I value the RPS for supporting what we do and in particular for stimulating an interest in new music.


The early directors and concert conductors were given tickets made of ivory to gain them admission to Philharmonic Society performances.