Philharmonic Pioneers – Beethoven, the Big Apple and Beyond

23 Sep 2013

Royal Philharmonic Society celebrates its Bicentenary in New York City

The Royal Philharmonic Society of Great Britain celebrates its bicentenary this year.  Special events have been taking place in London throughout the year to mark this historic anniversary, but this autumn, New York steps up to commemorate the founding, 200 years ago, of one of the world’s most illustrious music institutions.

During the Society’s first ever visit to New York City this month, celebratory events will be led by the New York Philharmonic, the Juilliard School and the Morgan Library & Museum.  A season of concerts, commissions, exhibitions and talks under the title Philharmonic Pioneers – Beethoven, the Big Apple and Beyond will highlight the achievements of the Royal Philharmonic Society, drawing parallels with New York’s own celebrated Philharmonic tradition.

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21 September 2013


Ricardo Castro: International pianist who established a flourishing youth music programme in Bahià, Brazil. Awarded RPS Honorary Membership in 2013.


The Schaller Bust of Beethoven, donated in 1871, has stood on the platform of every RPS concert since then as a symbol of excellence and support for the living composer.