RPS to partner Classic FM 25th Birthday Commissions

25 Jan 2017

RPS will partner Classic FM in its 25 birthday celebrations to commission six brand new pieces of classical music written by composers who are no older than the station itself.

Classic FM's 25th Birthday Commissions in partnership with the RPS launches today as part of a year-long celebration for the UK’s number one classical music station.

As one of the most important commissioners of composers since Beethoven, RPS has joined forces with Classic FM to look to the future and champion Britain’s outstanding young musical talent. Together, we are inviting young composers from all corners of the UK who were born on or after Classic FM’s first broadcast on 7 September 1992 to apply.

Six individuals will be appointed as Classic FM’s 25th Birthday Composers and each winner will be paired with one of the station’s events, including Classic FM Live at London’s Royal Albert Hall and the 25th Birthday Celebration with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, where their work will be premiered. The works will also be recorded live and broadcast on-air to Classic FM’s 5.3 million listeners throughout the UK.

Rosemary Johnson, RPS Executive Director, comments:

"We are hugely excited to celebrate Classic FM’s quarter century with a project which has such deep roots in the Society and its history, and also allows Classic FM listeners and audiences at live events right across the country to hear the diverse, rich music of today’s young composers."

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25 January 2017


David Lowe, Music Lover: I'm always pleased to hear about the work done by the RPS to assist young performers and composers. They are indeed the future of music.


The Philharmonic Society was founded by professional musicians in 1813 to perform publicly ‘in the most perfect manner possible, the best and most approved music'.