Salomon Prize awarded to David Rimbault

23 Mar 2018

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra violinist David Rimbault awarded prestigious RPS/ABO Salomon Prize for orchestral musicians.

David Rimbault, a player in the second violins of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, has been awarded the RPS/ABO Salomon Prize. At 37 years of age, he is one of the youngest recipients of the prestigious annual award, and was nominated by fellow Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra musicians for his tireless commitment to the orchestra and its audiences. When presenting the awards, the RPS and ABO said:

“David Rimbault is the embodiment of what the Salomon Prize is all about – an adept and enthusiastic navigator of modern orchestral life, and a passionate advocate for the Orchestra to be as fair, inclusive, progressive and enjoyable a place to work as possible.

Behind the scenes, he works tirelessly and generously to promote positivity and cohesion, and to forge links between the orchestra and management with audience members and donors.

As Orchestra committee chair, he has proved to be a passionate and motivational leader; working alongside other committee members to maintain and improve the orchestra’s working conditions. Friendly, sociable and popular, he is a great source of cohesion, morale and motivation across the organisation. Through the example he sets, he enfranchises and encourages individuals to contribute and to play an active role in the life of the orchestra. If this were not enough, he has also attended approaching one hundred pre-concert receptions and other audience/donor events; he is one of the orchestra’s health and safety representatives; has volunteered to be a mentor for student violinists and given talks to inspire the next generation of players. We are delighted to present him with the 2018 RPS/ABO Salomon Prize.”

The Salomon Prize trophy, an 1810 soft-ground etching of Salomon by William Daniell, was presented to him by Mark Pemberton, Director of the Association of British Orchestras, and Rosemary Johnson, Executive Director of the Royal Philharmonic Society, on stage at an Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra concert at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on Thursday 22 March 2018, recorded by BBC Radio 3 for future broadcast.

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