The Best in Live Music Making

11 Apr 2013

Shortlists for the Royal Philharmonic Society Music Awards - the UKs most prestigious awards for live music making - were announced on 11 April 2013.

The RPS Music Awards, are the highest recognition for live classical music in the UK and will be awarded are for outstanding achievement in the UK during 2012. Governed by the Society’s guiding principles of Excellence, Creativity and Understanding the awards honour a broad sweep of live music making including categories for performers, composers, inspirational arts organisations, audience engagement, learning and participation.

To find out who is on this year's Shortlist, click here.


Humphrey Burton, first head of Music and Arts, BBC; founder/presenter of Young Musician of the Year and joint founder of the RPS Music Awards in 1989.


The RPS is over 200 years old, founded in 1813 ‘to promote the performance, in the most perfect manner possible, of the best and most approved instrumental music'.