What the Press Says

To the forefront was a passion for education, outreach and edgy matters involving technology
(Amati magazine on the RPS Music Awards, May 2015)

Pappano's remarks were exactly the sort of impassioned advocacy of the arts which had been absent from the election 
(The Herald, Scotland on Antonio Pappano's speech on receiving the RPS Gold Medal, May 2015)

'An audacious and vividly orchestrated score from a major composer'
(The New York Times is wowed by Mark Anthony Turnage's 'Frieze', October 2013)

'Imagine the First Strains Wafting, When the Ink Was Scarcely Dry'
‘Beethoven’s Ninth: A Masterpiece Reunited’ at the Morgan
(New York Times, October 2013)

'Quality, aspiration and unworldliness on a heroic scale come forward'
(The Daily Telegraph at the RPS Msic Awards , May 2013)

Royal Philharmonic Society honours international musicians 
(Guardian, April 2013)

In Praise of the Royal Philharmonic Society 'Britain's leading, independent musical organisation'
(Guardian, January 2013)

The RPS at 200
(BBC Radio 3 feature (audio), January 2013)

'The RPS has met its responsibilities with immense dedication'
(Guardian, January 2013)

RPS - Celebrating 200 Years in Pictures
(Classic FM January 2013)

Royal Philharmonic Society celebrates its bicentenary
(Gramophone January 2013)

Royal Philharmonic Society: 'the conscience of the classical music industry' 
(Daily Telegraph December 2012)

The RPS still commissions dozens of pieces each year as well as doing a huge amount to support rising young musicians
(The Times, November 2012)

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Diana Burrell, composer and Artistic Director of the Harwich Festival, Essex: The RPS is such an important organisation - where would music be without it?


1830: Midsummer Night’s Dream is ‘very beautiful, and encored, but it is awfully, fearfully difficult, so much so that last Saturday morning Mendelssohn was SEVEN hours rehearsing.’