The Music Makers - RPS 2019 Appeal

Since 1813, the Royal Philharmonic Society has given composers like Beethoven, Mendelssohn and Saint-Saëns the means to write music much-loved worldwide today. 200 years later, our work goes on. You can help us give today’s most promising composers the chance to shine through our 2019 Appeal.

Every year, we strive to help a range of emerging composers whose voices deserve to be heard. Establishing yourself as a professional composer is tremendously difficult. It doesn’t just take remarkable talent: it takes great confidence, initiative, imagination and dedication to create opportunities for yourself.

Each of our emerging composers receives a commission and a performance with a noted British ensemble, venue or festival. But it doesn’t stop there: we help them plan their next steps, ensuring they can secure future commissions and performances of their own.

We cannot do this alone. We rely on friends, members and music lovers to help us. The more funds we can raise together, the more we can do to help exceptional emerging composers find their way and fulfil their calling.

With your help, we can ensure they:

  • excel musically, developing their music through conversation with eminent performers
  • have a proper web presence to promote themselves and their music
  • build the confidence to talk to audiences and make a lasting impression, through specialist coaching
  • gain a practical understanding of how every aspect of the profession works, meeting invaluable contacts and established composers who offer precious insights and advice
  • get the support they each need to define and fulfil their individual goals
  • boost their confidence in a range of settings, and discover how their music can invigorate people beyond concert halls.
‘This sort of support is like gold-dust at this point in my career.’
Laurence Osborn, RPS Composer 2018

In the current climate, it takes so much more than just exceptional talent to excel. Many talented musicians struggle and even find themselves giving up after years of dedication. We are proud to help them cross such frontiers and set themselves up for lasting success.

Each year, the opportunities we grant emerging composers have direct costs of around £30,000: two-thirds of this is the commission they directly receive, much valued at the outset of their career; the remainder covers vital coaching, mentoring and workshops to transform their prospects.

Anything you can donate, small or large, will make a difference.

You can donate online via the button below or download the form linked below, or simply phone us on 020 7287 0019.


Anna Meredith, Composer: Composer in the House enabled me to push myself in new directions and be bold with my writing. Composers are very lucky to have the RPS!


In 1824 the Philharmonic Society paid Beethoven 50 pounds to commission his 9th Symphony.